Editorial Services

Our Editorial services practice aims to support our clients in all their content related needs from basics like proof reading and copy editing all the way to course development. Additional services provided by this practice includes Graphic and Art Development, Video Solutions, Digitization Textbook Solutions, Data Migration and Data Entry, Localization services, Accessibility services and QA services.

Graphic Support Services

At Trivium, we merge education with creativity! Our skilled graphic designers specialize ...

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Text Book & Video solutions

Trivium encompasses a range of tasks related to editorial services to clients aimed ...

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Data Services

At Trivium, we ensure collaboration of precision and efficiency in the realm of data ...

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Other Services


We are focused on delivering integrated end-to-end localization and translation services with automated workflow processes. We bring you unique advantages of prompt responses, excellent quality of translation,... fast deliveries and competitive prices.
Translating academic content needs a combination of language experts and subject matter experts. We provide that important blend of resources. We cover languages like (but not limited to) Spanish, Turkish, Korean, Arabic, Odia, Tamil, Bengali etc.
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Images play a vital role in conveying information, emotions, and narratives. However, for those who rely on screen readers or have visual impairments, images can remain silent. This is where alt text comes to the rescue. Alt text, or alternative text, is a brief and descriptive snippet of text that provides context about an image. It's not just a description; it's an opportunity to make your content come alive for everyone.
Our alt text writing service is more than just a description; it's an art form. Our experienced team crafts alt text that captures the essence of your images, ensuring that everyone can engage with your content fully. Whether it's a product photograph, an infographic, or an illustrative element, we ensure that your images are transformed into an inclusive experience.
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QA Service

We have a team of special reviewers with the required technical qualification to audit (QC) already developed material. This audit may include the below attributes (but not limited to):
  • Fact Check of materials: Review materials to ensure all content is factual, accurate, and evidence-based.
  • Copyright & Permissions: Check permissions on all third party materials used throughout the units. Replace any photos / illustrations with stock images. Provide options for additional replacement materials.
  • Copyedit & Accessibility Revision of all Materials.
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