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Trivium creates a dedicated project team to manage the entire life cycle of ttem development. The key aspects of Trivium’s development process includes

  • Understanding client and project requirements and specifications
  • Creating a team based on required expertise
  • Developing and discussing a prototype with client to ensure alignment
  • Three level quality assurance process to ensure error free items
  • Regular client communication for status updates and feedback

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is based on development of checklist that include all aspects of an item including special parameters provided by clients for proprietary formats and specifications. Key aspects covered in the review include

  • Alignment to standards (State, Common Core, Proprietary) or content
  • Subject and scenario accurary
  • Grade appropriateness (scenario, subject, language)
  • Distractor design and rationales
  • Bias
  • Difficulty levels and thinking skills
  • Writing guidelines and art specifications

What Make Us Different?

Cloning can leverage existing items and control assessment costs significantly. Trivium can provide a wide variety of scenarios to clone base items. Standards alignment and quality of the items are maintained or improved through the cloning process.
Trivium can review existing items to evaluate potential reuse. A detailed recommendation on changes required is delivered. Minor edits that make items usable are delivered as part of the recommendations.
Trivium can undertake large scale alignment projects with capacity of 2000 items per day. Alignments are comprehensive and include:
  • Thorough analysis of item to understand objective
  • Analysis existing alignment and standards to find a better match
  • Recommendation with detail explanation on choice

Item Banks

Trivium undertakes creation of large banks of 2,500 to 50,000 items. These item banks can be either created in a short term of a few weeks to longer term of a year. Trivium provides large discounts for creation of large banks, a dedicated team and flexibility of delivery timelines. In addition to internal experts, Trivium has a large pool of freelance writers and certified quality sub contractors. With systems and processes capable of managing multiple developers, Trivium is able to deliver high quality item banks. The table below lists the topics on which we have developed large.

Ready made Tests

End of grade

Complete tests of a predetermined numbers of questions is developed for immediate use. Trivium assessment researchers and designers will work with your experts and administrations to develop the right test for your needs.


Detailed topical tests with questions of varying difficulty levels is created to diagnose students knowledge level. Assessment results can be used to provide individual remedial support to students.


Trivium can develop large number of questions on specific topics for use in remedial programs for students requiring additional support.

Value proposition

  • High qualityTES’s team consists of highly educated and experienced item writers. A stringent project management and quality assurance process enables us to deliver quality consistently.
  • On timeAt Trivium, we strive to deliver all our projects on time. By proactively managing potential risks and issues during the entire lifecycle of the project we avoid expensive delays.
  • Large scaleTrivium has a team of full time item writers, graphic artists, item quality analysts and project managers. In addition to full time employees, Trivium has a network of over 25 freelance item writers and several small certified sub-contractors that enable us to undertake large projects.
  • Low costTrivium can help you meet your assessment budgets. Contact us for a quote on our various solutions at competitive pricing

Assessment systems

Trivium item writers have experience of working on several assessment platforms available in the market. Item writers go through training and if applicable certification by companies before they write items in platforms. With our extensive experience writing items in custom web based systems, we can easily adapt to any workflow based item development system.

Training and certifications on new tools are added on specific client request.

A few examples of systems Trivium has worked on in the past are listed below.

  • Monarch CTB
  • ThinkLink Learning Discovery Education
  • RPC learning Riverside

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Currently we are providing tutoring services for US High-School grade and College grade students in subjects below:

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