Our assessment practice develops assessments for the K-12, Higher Ed and Vocational space. This includes writing formative and summative assessments, benchmark assessments and developing and designing tests aligned to State standards or to standards like Common Core, NGSS, etc. for our clients in the K-12 space, writing assessment for online and higher ed courses, and developing practice tests for the test prep space. In addition, we also provide alignment, cloning, and QA review services with seamless integration into client-specific content management systems. Trivium's professional assessment solutions epitomizes precision, quality, and adaptability to meet diverse educational needs.

What Makes Us Different?

Quality Assurance


At Trivium, the commitment to quality assurance is paramount, reinforced by a meticulous checklist that encompasses every facet of an item, including special parameters tailored to clients' proprietary formats and specifications. The comprehensive review delves into key aspects, ensuring:

  • Proactive identification and rectification of bias
  • Appropriate distractor design and detailed rationale
  • Careful examination of subject and scenario accuracy
  • Grade appropriateness (subject, language, relevance)
  • Alignment to difficulty levels and Depth of Knowledge (DOK)
  • Alignment to learning objectives or standards (Common Core, State, Proprietary)

Trivium prioritizes timely project completion through robust project management. Proactive communication addresses queries promptly, mitigating risks effortlessly. The delivery timelines are crafted considering all facets of item creation, ensure seamless and timely submissions.

Trivium boasts a substantial full-time team of item developers, quality analysts, graphic designers, and project managers. In addition to full-time employees (FTE), Trivium also has a vast pool of seasoned freelancers and several trained and certified small scale sub-contractors that enable us take on large scale projects.

Trivium offers cost-effective assessment solutions to our clients. We work alongside our clients to provide solutions that fit into their budgets.

Our submission options include Word docs, PDFs, and compatibility with professional writing software like InCopy.


Original Item Creation

Trivium excels in establishing a dedicated project team to oversee the complete life cycle of item development. Our meticulous development process encompasses key aspects to ensure precision and client satisfaction:

  • Understanding client and project requirements
  • Creating specialized team based on the requisite expertise of the project
  • Developing and discussing prototype with client to ensure seamless alignment
  • Implementing a rigorous three-level quality assurance process to guarantee error-free items
  • Communicating regular status updates to client and applying constructive feedback on the work

Item Alignment

Trivium can undertake large scale alignment projects with daily capacity of 2000 items. Alignments are comprehensive and include:

  • Analyzing items to discern and understand the underlying objective
  • Scrutinizing existing alignments and standards to find a better match
  • Offering well-founded recommendation of the choice with detailed explanation
  • Proposing adjustments to align items more effectively with evolving educational standards

Item Review

Trivium has a seasoned team of reviewers adept at evaluating existing item banks for potential reuse. The process of item review includes:

  • Revising solutions to make them more student friendly
  • Suggesting changes to better align items to the standards
  • Editing items for minor language and scenario-based errors
  • Identifying and rectifying scientific or factual errors in the items
  • Adapting items to client recommendations through meticulous editing

Item Cloning

Trivium offers a diverse array of scenarios to make smart clones of original items. Item cloning is a strategic approach to enrich the item bank and control assessment costs significantly. The process of item cloning addresses the following considerations:

  • Ensuring relevant and subject appropriate scenarios
  • Elevating the overall quality of the item including language 
  • Maintaining alignment to the standard or learning objective

Content Review

Trivium boasts an extensive team of highly skilled Subject Matter Experts with a wealth of experience in content evaluation. Our expertise lies in the meticulous review of various content types, including:

  • Thorough examination of SEO-based articles
  • Detailed video assessments on client platforms
  • Rigorous quality checks on exam analysis results for courses
  • Comprehensive fact-checking, copyright verification, and copyediting for lesson plans

Test paper creation

Trivium has experienced assessment developers dedicated to crafting diverse test papers tailored to unique educational needs. These test papers can include:


End-of-grade Test

Crafted with precision, this comprehensive test features a predetermined number of items with strategically determined difficulty levels and skills. All items are meticulously formatted to align to client requirements. The tests may include any and all item types – Multiple Select, Single Select, Constructive Response, and other technologically enhanced items (TEI).


Formative and Summative Tests

Tailored detailed topical tests present questions of varying difficulty levels assessing different Depth of Knowledge (DOK), serving as a diagnostic tool to assess student knowledge levels. The results obtained can be instrumental in offering individualized remedial support to students, promoting targeted growth


Practice Test

Trivium can develop large number of questions on specific topics for use in remedial programs for students requiring additional support. The number of items in Practice Tests can vary from 10 to 30 items per test, depending on the requirement. 


Item Banks

Trivium excels in crafting expansive item banks, ranging from 2,500 to 50,000 items, with flexible timelines spanning from a few weeks to a year. Enjoy substantial discounts, dedicated teams, and adaptable delivery schedules. Leveraging internal experts and a diverse pool of freelance writers and certified sub-contractors, Trivium ensures high-quality item banks through streamlined processes capable of managing multiple developments simultaneously. The types of items we have developed in the past include – Multiple Choice (MC), Multiple Select (MS), Constructive Response (CR), Assertion and Reasoning (AR), Fill in the blanks (FIB), Match the following (MTF), Case-Based Items, and Tech-Enhanced Items – Inline Choice (IC), Drag and Drop (DD), Hot Spot, Order.

Explore the extensive portfolio below.


  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking
  • Ratios and Propotional Relationship
  • Measurement and Data
  • Quantities
  • Geometry
  • Equalities and Inequalities
  • Number System
  • Expressions and Equations
  • Functions
  • Statistics and Probabilities


  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • Earth and Space Science
  • Science and Inquiry


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar